mark lang interview at the national theatre
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A very chatty afternoon was had with Mark (audio interview) upstairs at The National
Theatre on a very warm and stormy week in Victoria.

Up to seven metre waves down the West coast. Great for adventurous surfers.
Music can be a mystical journey for many artists.

Descriptions, creative dialogue depicting artists’ lives and experiences are
documented as the diary does – music does for the ear and heart in a personal and
public way.

Getting this combination right in front of peers and audience is one of the many
roads an artist travels. This forms the basis to create a successful career.
Mark Lang is one of those musicians whose original indie style music combined with
living life as ‘real life experiences’ has put him in front of audiences in the USA and

On the back of a tour to Nashville to record his first solo album, Mark leaves his well
loved band ‘Skipping Girl Vinegar” to pursue a solo career – performing at The
National theatre in St.Kilda on June 3rd, 2016.


Mark had two homes growing up – one along Victoria’s beautiful Great Ocean road
and St.Kilda – hubs of entertainment and inspiration for the ‘Young Man from the

The making of music was introduced to Mark at a young age … from various circles –
predominantly his grandmother who helped him write down the boy’s songs on

He took up guitar taught to him by his mother – his gift of writing and performing –
what a lovely sentiment.

Mark spoke about the ‘messages in the music’ he composes and preforms –
especially during the years where his choreographer wife was diagnosed with
cervical cancer – listening to the healing and loving music of Mark’s personal
observations. Some may say his music inspired her healing – love does have the
power to heal.


A very easy relaxed natural style was the tone of the hour as we sat upstairs
amongst the rattle and hum of a few builders attending to the maintenance of the
very beautiful National Theatre.

It was where Mark saw ‘My Friend the Chocolate Cake’ as a young man …. David
Bridie is one of Mark Lang’s great idols in music – and Bridie being one of music’s
great influences in Australia and beyond.

Listening to his soundscapes and melodic tunes combined with a relaxed delivery –
Lang writes and performs to connect with his listening audience.