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Margarita Krivitsky Art Classes



Margarita Krivitsky Art Classes
Art Express is an online art school led by renowned artist Margarita Krivitsky. The Art Express online art school offers an easy and enthralling way to learn to create art. With specialised courses in painting or drawing you can choose a level that suits you and explore the beauty and benefit of a weekly artistic practice. Weekly classes reflect the distinct style that Margarita brings to her tutelage. They are immersive, with in depth description and demonstration and intriguing historical anecdotes that add an enchanting dimension that will keep you engaged throughout the course.

Shows (Gold & Bronze Membership)
29/04/2020 12.00am until 05/06/2020 12.00am | Price $6.75 ea. | Book Tickets

Online Streaming
Melbourne, Victoria