may 2006

Democracy, The Way To Go! Whoops!

Whoops indeed! They didn’t see that coming! I am still drop-jawed as to the reaction of the West to the result of the Palestinian elections.

After many years of insisting that Democracy should be the political structure for the peaceful Middle East, and enforcing that there will be no peace without it, the Palestinians voted out the corrupt regime the Israelis have complained so much about and replaced it with the political wing of Hamas and all of a sudden Democratic election is not good enough as the West and Israel did not get the result they wanted.

I believe the world has to give Hamas the benefit of the doubt, but instead, the West is prepared to interfere with another duly elected Government and the Israelis have decided to withhold funds they collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, a malicious theft!

It is like they will frustrate Hamas until the militant amongst them lose patience and attack, giving Israel the excuse it needs to resile from peace.

ACT Man Spat on by Minister

Lyle Upson, a distressed Canberra resident, was attending the ACT housing forum when in a brief discussion the ACT Minister for Housing and Disability, Mr Hargreaves, was spat on by the Minister as he vociferously spoke to mister Upson an inch from his face.

Upson, an unemployed and disabled, homeless man, has been trying to get assistance for his condition for some time now and it appears the Ministers response to his askance was to get in his face and spray spittle on him during a volatile explosion of abuse. Fortunately, two AFP officers were on hand to diffuse the situation.

Baillieu – Whoo Hoo

So what, we get a prettier dud? We don’t need more people representing us that reckon they are born to rule and perfectly sculpted to fit inside the party image and agenda.
We need people that are going to go out and communicate with and represent their constituents. The guy has been given the easy road as one of the anointed and I don’t think the rich will fall into this one.

Would it not serve us better to find a candidate that will cut a deal for us? We need publicly minded, self-sufficient entrepreneurs of honourable character that know they can serve the community better than the self-serving dross that is served up to us from both Parties.
On the other hand, it will be good to see the backside of that useless blob that has filled the Leader of the Opposition’s seat for too long.

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