In the play Marooned, the character known only as 1620 is a modern man. An office worker, he is used to filtering his language so as not to offend anyone, or rather, get in trouble and lose his job.

He’s not used to aggressive male to male conflict.

Since signing up for a huge mortgage, he’s spent his days trying to stay under the radar, while running in a hamster wheel, trying to reach that point that in his soul always seemed vague, while at the same time trying to out run that growing doubt that whatever he was running from was in front of him.

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And then his situation changed.

He lost his job and he got kicked out of his family home.

Inside he feels like he’s never lived up to the handbook of what it takes to be a man, a handbook, modern society has discarded and is yet to publish a new one.

And so, in a moment of utter despair, he left.

But now he is Marooned in a waiting room somewhere in the afterlife. A mysterious room on the other side of a suicide attempt, that he discovers might not have been successful.

And it is in this room that his greatest test is waiting.

It is another man known only as 379.

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379 is an old school tradie. He’s the biggest person in the room and he’s pissed off at the world, at God and he will very quickly come to see 1620 as the face of the entire generation of modern men that in his eyes were complicit in the disenfranchising of men like him.

Are they alive? Are they dead? Is this heaven or is this hell?

The Gods don’t answer.

But as time passes, 1620 will start

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filling with regret. A regret that will see him develop a desperate hunger to get back to his life, and his kids.

And he is going back!.

He’s going to go back and fix everything!

Trouble is, the only route home lies on the other side of the immovable volcano, 379.


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This play has been written in Melbourne, it has traveled from four actors rehearsing in a living room to a partnership with the MTC

18th – 28th Sept 2019

Southbank Theatre – Lawler Theatre .. 140 Southbank Blvd, Southbank VIC 3006

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