Making The Shift To Self-employment
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Created for professional women 40-60 years+ 
wanting to transition to, or shift to 

self supporting productive work

Tuesday 7 August, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Glen Eira, Victoria, Australia
18 spots @$30.00 each

Nigel has been an enormous help to me in setting up my business. He is across so many aspects of running a small business, but especially the marketing. He is very knowledgable and thoughtful in recommending strategies to build a client base and gain momentum. This includes advising on what’s worth spending money on, and what isn’t. And he’s very personable. Highly recommended.

Gail Greatorex
Product Safety Solutions


You are not only living longer, but are healthier than previous generations. 
While you have professional skills and specialist knowledge 
it may be a good time to explore transitioning to self-employment or starting your own expert business.

Retirement is approaching

As you approach retirement you may need to make some decisions. 
Will you have adequate funds for retirement? 
You may have some 30+ years ahead of you, and
you may want to continue influencing your field of expertise or earn extra income.
It may be time need to explore future possibilities through self-employment.

What is the point of self-employment?

It’s about using your skills and specialist knowledge to create a small business to attract paying clients. 
You’ve worked long and hard building up skills and know-how, and wisdom in your field. 
In many cases you know how to do your job without having to think too hard. 
However, the thought of continuing to work for someone else is no longer satisfying.
It is time to reap the rewards of your know-how.

This seminar will help you explore what you need to know, and do, 
to have a better chance of success.

Only $30

Who’s it for?

We are focused on the 40-60+ years professional woman with expert knowledge.

The seminar will be practical and provide you with a better understanding of 
how a business works and how to go about getting started.

We will explore what you would like to do that provides you with purpose
and intellectual stimulation. 
It will give you an overview of what is involved in 
shifting to self-employment, what you’ll need to be aware of, and 
how you might like to go about creating a business that means something to you.


The Presenters

Meredith Fuller BA psych, a Grad Dip in vocational counselling, Masters in career behaviour

Meredith is a member of the College of Counselling Psychologists, and 
Life member of the Australian Association for Psychological Type. 
Her concurrent careers have included author, playwright, columnist, 
talkback radio counsellor, TV host & panellist, psychological profiler and university lecturer. 
She works as a psychologist in private practice, 
providing counselling and vocational psychotherapy, writing, and 
as a media spokesperson on psychological issues for the media 
for several days a week, and direct plays or films and work in the media on other days.

With over 30 years as a psychologist she has consulted to a broad range of organisations 
on career development, communication, and interpersonal issues.

Nigel Rawlins

Twenty years ago I made the shift to self employment and failed miserably. 
I had no idea nor product to sell.
I was lucky early on because a business mentor took me under his wing and 
helped me make the transition to self-employment

Over the last 20 years, with his advice and mentoring, I have managed to build up 
a small marketing services company working with clients across 
a range of industries, on a continuing basis. 
In my work I have helped many businesses grow beyond what they thought was possible.

Why do I work with professional women? 
Simple: they’re smart to start with, they’re collaborative, they can get things done and 
they understand that things take time
I work well with women and can help with the coaching and implementation.
Sorry guys, unless you have a creative focus, most men just tend to be a bit too impatient.
However, you are welcome to attend.

A workbook will be provided with practical down to earth recommendations.