make your dream “destination wedding” a reality with hitch’d wedding planners

Weddings are the most important part of everyone’s lives. We dream of having everything perfect on this special day, right? 

But, planning a wedding is no cakewalk. No matter how simple it sounds, it is actually exhausting. After all, it is not about just picking the right wedding outfit or the right venue or the right menu! Only the ones who have been through it can have an idea about the complexities involved. 

That is why; we seek assistance of wedding planners. They are experts in this domain and know pretty well what they are doing.

Why hire a wedding planner?

Many people are skeptical about hiring a wedding planner. Some have budget constraints while some are not comfortable getting things done through an outsider and many have other reasons. Are you too contemplating on whether to choose a wedding planner for your big day? 

We, the team of Hitch’d Bali wedding planners, explain below why hiring a wedding planner might be the best decision of your life:

  1. Wedding planners won’t make a hole in your pocket. Instead, they will help you organize your wedding in the most efficient way even with your budget constraint. They know what’s important for your wedding because it’s their job.


  1. While you can have beautiful visions in your mind for your wedding day, turning it into a reality is a painstaking job. Thus, you might end up making a blunder. Wedding planners know how to turn that vision into a reality and save you from making any mistake.


  1. They keep things streamlined and stress-free. Since it is their job, they have tie-ups with different vendors. They do all the negotiations and communications on your behalf. You do not have to stress out about anything and simply concentrate on looking breathtaking on your big day.


  1. Wedding Planners make your destination wedding a mystical affair. You do not have to struggle around looking for the perfect vendors and service providers in an unknown place. They will take care of all your needs while you prep yourself to get married at your dream destination.

Destination weddings in Bali

When it comes to choosing a perfect wedding destination, there cannot be any place as dreamy as Bali. It is one of the most beautiful islands if the world. Be its breathtaking lakes, oceans, rain forests or luxurious resorts and hotels, the stunning chapels or the mesmerizing beaches, it has so much to offer. 

On top of it all, it is one of the most affordable destinations. If you are planning to get married in this heavenly destination, then you surely are looking for a good Bali wedding planner. With us, your search comes to an end.

Why us?

Hitch’d is an Australian Wedding planner Bali, who takes wedding experiences to a whole new level of excellence. We serve our clients with a simple concept- “create tailored events with an imaginative and quirky edge”. 

Since its birth, the Bali events industry has witnessed a major swirl. We, at Hitch’d wedding planners Bali, focus on your dreams and wishes. We give you exactly what you desire. 

Why Hitch’d is one of the best Bali wedding planners?

  • Our team possesses years of experience of working in this domain and will provide you nothing less than perfection.
  • We have tie-ups with some of Bali’s best venues and suppliers for we believe in nothing but the best. We will recommend the best service providers and locations to fit your wedding ideas and needs.
  • No matter how unique or out of the box your idea is, we can effortlessly bring your idea into life in no time. With us by your side, nothing is impossible
  • Versatility is what describes us the best. We have the experience of serving clients with varied needs and desires. Hitch’d wedding planner Bali leaves no stone unturned to make your dream wedding nothing less than a magical affair.
  • We provide all the services required in a wedding. We are your one-stop solution for successfully organizing one of the best days of your life.
  • We keep you updated with every progress of your big day so that you are constantly on loop. We will make immediate changes in the plans if anything does not seem to meet your vision. 
  • We maintain utmost transparency in our services. From the very beginning, we will provide you with a clear insight of what we provide and our prices. You get the complete timeline of your wedding and the detailed budget with every service that forms a part of it. There will not be any surprises (there may be good surprises though) on the way!

How do we work?

  • We do not just focus on organizing your wedding. We try our best to express your life stories and experiences through your wedding. Hitch’d Bali wedding planners strive to provide a unique personalized experience to their clients.
  • We will book the best venues and suppliers for you as per your needs and budgets. We will communicate with all vendors on your behalf and not let you feel even a tinge of the pressure.
  • Rehearsals are a mandatory part of the weddings organized by Hitch’d Bali wedding planners. Our team will be present on the same day to help you go through all of it.
  • We will be there for you at every step of your wedding journey. You know who to come to, be there any doubt regarding anything. We got your back even if you run cold feet at 2 am in the morning. We are just a call or email away! 
  • You can also meet us personally for a tea or coffee date as many times as you need. 

Leave your worries on the best Bali wedding planners and enjoy your D-day with your loved ones. You can get in touch with us simply by sending us a Hola!