maintaining successful potty training when travelling

Potty training – often not the most favourite part of parenting with the messes, misses, are they ready are they not? Add to that travelling while potty training…now there is the potential for hard times. Do you revert back to nappies or keep up with the training, even when you do not know where the next facilities are, do you take all those training tools with you? The key to travelling with a child in the potty training stage is planning ahead. If it is a road trip, already know where the next services are and know how long your toddler can go before they need the next potty break. Bring with you the essentials for when you do not know where or when the next toilet break is. Toilet seats, travel potties, a kid’s toiletry bag, here is a look at what can help you during your trip.

Travelling with a potty chair or seat

Often parents will pack the seat they have been using for toilet training, as that is what the child is used to. Take the Lupi lu toilet seat with you for when you find restrooms, and take a travel potty chair for times when there is no toilet available. Travel toilet training options have come a long way from what they once were, they are easier to use, and easier to fold up and put away when not needed. They are better designed with children in mind and make life a lot easier for travelling parents.

You can get chairs and seats in a range of styles, prices, and themes so most parents can find a solution that will suit their budget and their child’s personality. Most commonly made from plastic as that is easier to clean they are durable and easy to store away until needed.

Keep things lighthearted

It is really important to not let frustration and stress take over the potty training, that is true when you are at home and when you are travelling. Not all children are ready to potty train as soon as they start walking. Some might not be ready to handle travel and potty training at the same time. The key to success is knowing this and letting your child guide you through it. Keep things as light as you can and as hard it might be, go with the flow! Be ready for unplanned breaks, make sure there is no hard time scheduling you have to stick to so delays do not cause you trouble.

With the right tools and not pushing too hard you can still have success with the training and you can certainly still have a great trip. It may be worth testing out the portable toilet seat for toddlers that you have chosen before you leave so they get used to using it. Try them on a shorter trip before you attempt something longer. Some turn out more flimsy than you might want, and you find you need to try something else. If all they have are negative experiences they are going to get stubborn about the process.

Really reward any successes they have. Praise them and encourage them. Make sure they know that accidents are okay. Some children respond to musical seats, lots of clapping and making it a big deal. Some though do not, they want some quieter encouragement while they use their lupi lu toilet seat. Try to continue a similar reward system that you started at home. If you were doing stickers take them with you, if you were giving them chocolate take that with you!

Potty training tips when on vacation

Here are some training tips that work on trips and work at home too!

  • Use something musical or makes sounds of they love that kind of thing, there are some options that are suited to travel.
  • Take a potty training doll with you on your travels.
  • If you use stickers as a reward find some stickers that are connected to your trip.
  • Do not hold back on giving them liquids because you do not want them to go as often. They need to stay hydrated, in fact, when travelling they may need more liquids so just keep a closer eye on them.
  • Keep things positive and stress-free.
  • Keep as close as you can to the same kind of routine you had created for bathroom breaks and potty breaks at home just use a portable toilet seat for toddlers instead.
  • Plan your sightseeing according to when they will need a potty break. If you are going to be near good toilets take the travel toilet seat, if not take a potty with you.
  • Do not expect them to stay dry for long periods in big kid underwear, especially not when travelling. Have pull-ups on stand by.
  • Have a chart so you can monitor the potty breaks and better track when they are coming.
  • Bring some colouring books and potty reading books.
  • Be patient. Take a breath. Take another. Smile. It will work out.


Travelling is a little tougher to manage when you have younger children. There are more things to remember to bring, like their kid’s toiletry bag, travel seats, and so much more! Just give yourself time to make a list, prepare well ahead, do some shorter practice trips before you try flying or long car trips, and get yourself ready to accept not everything goes perfectly and that is okay. Make sure any other adults or older children around know what to look for when your toddler needs to potty so others are on hand to help!