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The Wine

Shiraz: planted 1907 Mataro: planted 1898


This Dark red wine was appealing from the very first sniff, showing deep ripe red fruits, blackberry’s and prunes are the first to fill the nose, followed by more deep fruity floral notes. The deep wooded perfume of this wine hints at old vines very old vines.
The Shiraz = 114-year-old vines. The Mataro = 123-year-old vines.
This would explain the depth of fruit and concentrated fruit richness of this wine. Offering a fine wine-drinking experience.
This wine is full-bodied with round fine tannins. Finishing with solid fruit with a long lingering aftertaste.
This wine is a blend of 78% Shiraz and 22% Mataro and has been matured in oak for just over 3 years.
All American oak hogsheads (300L barrel) 40% were first use oak.

The Food

I could not be bothered cooking the full roast with all the trimmings this wine really deserved so I cooked my old stand by the onion tart. Which is so simple to cook and works well with both white & red wine.
I blind bake the puff pastry shell in a hot oven, while I pan fry the onions with a hint of garlic in truffle oil until almost cooked, assemble them together and finished off 5 mins in the hot oven.
(Dead easy, quick and damn tasty)
If you are drinking white wine I break up 3 or 5 anchovies into the onion mix no garlic and swap the truffle oil for olive oil. (Works a treat and once again quick and damn tasty)

Wine Facts

PS. Wine facts: Mataro This variety In Australia it’s referred to as both Mataro and Mourvédre, while the Spanish call it Monastrell.

Michael Lillis

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