looking for a new ducted air conditioning system in perth

Australia is a land known for its harsh climates and summer heat. Air conditioning is a part of life when you are walking around commercial properties and most people choose to have it in their homes too. There are many options but here we look at why it makes sense to look for a new ducted air condition system in Perth.  

Reasons why to go for ducted air conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system can be a very effective method of controlling the temperature in your whole home, not just one room. Every room in the home can have temperature control and if a room is not needed for a while you can switch it off there until it is. Breaking down the advantages to have this system they are;

  • Faster in cooling down your chosen rooms than some other options, you can walk in turn it on and quickly have your rooms how you need them
  • You can cool down your whole hole with that one ducted air conditioning system
  • Choose to cool some rooms or heat others so everyone in the home can have their room to the setting they prefer
  • If you choose a reverse cycle system you can also heat the home in the winter as well as keep it cool in the summer. Not all air conditioners have a reverse cycle but it is a handy feature if your winters get cold.
  • As you are not running multiple systems in different rooms having a ducted system can actually save you money
  • This is also a great choice for the environment as it is energy efficient
  • This does not have an unattractive unit outside so is visually more attractive

Things to consider when looking for a new ducted air condition system in Perth

It is easier to plan and install ducted air conditioning with a new build but it is still possible to put it in an already built home too. Just look for a great local professional installation company. Key factors that affect the process are;

  • Whether the property has one storey or more
  • What the building material is
  • How high the ceilings are
  • Does the property have insulation
  • How many of the rooms need climate control
  • Does the ceiling cavity have space
  • How many people live in the property

What are the costs of running ducted air conditioning?

Specific costs and numbers are hard to state as it varies from one person and one home to the next. They are more energy-efficient so you save money when you choose to look for a new ducted air condition system in Perth. It does depend though on how well insulated your home is, how large the home is, how many people are using it, how regularly it is used and who supplies your energy too! They are certainly less costly to run than single room systems and it is worth pointing out too that they add value to the home when it comes to reselling.

Window glass options

Another way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is to consider your window glass options. As well as thinking about the framing and the look of the window the actual window glass needs considering too! After all one of the biggest factors of having an energy efficient home is to control the heat gain and loss through the windows you have.