Looking For A Cheap Office To Rent?

looking for a cheap office to rent?
Office No. 4

Looking for a private office, but can’t justify the price?

Look no further.

You can now get your own private office at a massive 45% discount. 

We only have two available, so be quick.


Office No. 13

The two offices up for grabs are Office No.4 (seats up to 3) and Office No.13 (seats up to 5). 

These two fully customisable spaces can be fitted out with any extras, whether that’s a stand-up desk or a custom chair. They are lockable to keep your belongings safe, and they include super-fast & reliable internet to optimise your business’ operations.

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With such a large discount, we can’t see these offices being around for much longer. So, get in first and book a tour today or call us on 1300 29 75 75!


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