looking at home extensions in melbourne

It is a fact that adding more room to your home adds value to it. That can be an increase of as much as 40% in some cases! But when you are looking for another bedroom, more space in the kitchen, or any other kind of extension it is important to balance the home extension costs in Melbourne, against how much you need the space, and how much value it adds. There is also the factor of finding trustworthy professionals to undertake the work, and how that building process will impact your day to day life to think about.

What kind of extension do you need?

There are a number of reasons people think about adding an extension to their home. Your family may be growing, you might be having an elderly parent move back in, you might need to work from home, or need a larger kitchen. When extensions are well built they look great and add to the home in its aesthetics as well as improving it in practical terms of space. Some examples of common extensions you might consider are;

  • Putting in a conservatory – These come from the Victorian era and in those times were quite ornate. A conservatory gives you an attractive looking place where the sun comes in, you can treat it as a sunroom to sit in a relax or perhaps you want to use it as a greenhouse. To count as a conservatory the extension must have more than three-quarters of its roof made from something translucent like glass, and at least half of the walls should be too.
  • Single storey extensions – If you are just looking to extend out your kitchen or another room downstairs, a single-storey addition is an option. It is not as pretty as a conservatory and does need some thinking as sometimes they stick out oddly. Building permission must be obtained even with small extensions. When considering home extension costs in Melbourne, this is more expensive than a conservatory as it is more labour intensive.
  • Double or multi-storey – Rather than just extending from a ground floor you would also extend from the second floor giving you space downstairs as well as up.
  • Orangery or sunroom – Commonly found in upscale traditional buildings an actual sunroom does not have the same requirements in glass that a conservatory has but is otherwise similar.
  • Loft conversion – While this is not exactly an extension it is a popular option for those that have a convertible loft it does give you another room at the end of the process. Easier than other options too because the outside structure is already there. Worth mentioning then is the basement conversion. Another popular option, but loft conversions are actually easier and more affordable as there is no damp and plumbing to work around.
  • Over your garage extension – If you have a garage you can have an extension going over it as long as the foundations of your home are strong enough. In some cases, a professional company might have to put in the additional foundation and that pushes the costs up.
  • Garage conversion – This is a more affordable option than building an actual extension when looking into home extension costs in Melbourne. You can get a good amount of space doing it but sometimes the roof needs replacing to accommodate it and of course, windows have to be put in.

Set a budget                                                             

It is important to set a budget and try your hardest to stick it, as costs can rise rapidly. In order to have a home extension of any kind, you need to look at what type best suits your needs, then look at quotes from companies in your area for each possibility. Whether you are in an urban area or rural area will affect costs as will other factors like the size of the extension, the age of your home and the materials you want to use. It is easy to underestimate how much the extension will cost you, so always have some wiggle room you add on to any quote for those just in case moments.

Looking for contractors

Contractors should be willing to discuss your plans with you and come up with a few options that meet your needs, so you can choose something within your budget. Quotes are usually based on per square meter for the extension. As tempting as it might be it is never a good idea to hire someone based only on the fact they offer the lowest price. Look for experience, skill, professionalism and competitive pricing. Ask about whether additional professionals will be needed like plumbers, electricians, or roofing experts so you can prepare for that in your home extension costs in Melbourne. Using the right people means there is a better chance too that all work done is legal and meets all the safety and building codes in your area.


If you are looking for more space in your home and thinking about home extension costs in Melbourne it is important to invest wisely in the right professional company to do the work for you. Everyone has heard horror stories about work being started and never finished, costs running over extensively, work being poor, extensions having to be taken down because they were not done to code and more.

Having an extension on your home is a great thing when it is done properly. More living space is always a great thing. But the process of getting there takes some planning, serious budgeting and research on who to trust. Whatever type of extension you want, find people who have done them before, can show you references and who get good online reviews. Ask about insurance, subcontractors, working hours, cleaning up after themselves, noise, hidden costs and regulations. With a bit of work before you hire you can get a great team who can achieve your extension dreams!


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