listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2

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listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2
Veronica Ireland (Late 2019) – [CLICK to enlarge]




This is the 3rd and final program in the Life & Times story of Veronica Ireland.




Born in 1944, Veronica overcame deafness to eventually become a psychiatric nurse. This was no mean feat as her early learning suffered because she was deaf and she was subject to a lot of ridicule and teasing, all of which was compounded by her mothers attitude toward her.

On gaining her hearing, veronica despite initially failing her entrance exams, eventually undertakes a career in psychiatric nursing, and except for a few working deviations, it is work that formed the bull of a career for her.

She was good in what she did, and won many awards over her career including a Royal Humane society award when she disarmed a man with a loaded rifle, in the nurse’s home where she was working, after he had shot and wounded a woman.

listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2
Veronica’s Rotary Award – [CLICK to enlarge]



Veronica continued to throw herself in to community service and gained recognition for her work with both Rotary and with the Shire of Yarra Ranges where she worked as a volunteer for over 20 years.





We also learn more about other facets of Veronica’s life, including her love for cars, where she was a rally driver for a while before taking up track duties and how this love of driving saw her drive to WA, in one of three trips to that state, and, other parts of Australia.

Travel overseas also features in her story but there are many other tales as she introduces us to the story of Grannies Chair, and, how in her retirement she suffered from being attacked and injured.

Her stories flow and she takes us along with her.

listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2
Recognition of her contribution as a volunteer



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