Listen To Older Voices: Val Waller – Part 3

listen to older voices: val waller – part 1

Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

It is a pleasure to bring you the 3rd and final program in the story of the Life and Times of Val Waller.

Over the past two programs we have learned that Val was born in 1935, and was largely bought up by her mother after he father dies in a Japanese POW camp in 1939.

Through the first parts of her story, Val has shown her self to be a very accomplished storyteller and the passion by which she tells her stories reflects the passion she has for life.

She started her working career in the conservative world of banking, but quickly threw off the shackles of that lifestyle to become a hostess with TAA commencing in the 1950’s.

She met and married John Waller and thus commenced another fascinating part of her life when she moved to New Guinea.

This proved to be quite an adventure and in this final program, Val continues her stories of that part of her life.

A skilled sailor, Val tells of some of their sailing adventures and life in general with John and it is easy to see that he was most dear to her.

She shares the pain of her loss when John succumbs to cancer, but, her indomitable spirit shines through and so it is, she is able to continue to enthral us with more stories.

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