Listen To Older Voices – Tony Rice – Part 1

listen to older voices – tony rice – part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of a 2-part Golden Moments Repeat Program, where we have dipped into our Vault of Treasured Memories and drawn out another program that deserves a replay.

Tony Rice was 77 years of age when interviewed in August of 2006.

Born in England in 1929, Tony’s story commences with the recollections of a 13-year-old during WWII. Not happy just passively watching then bombing around him, unknowingly to anyone else, he made a hobby out of finding and pulling apart unexploded incendiary bombs.

That innate curiosity and a desire for adventure continued to grow as the years went by, as we will discover. While trying to explode an unexploded grenade and collecting teeth from a graveyard, Tony did find time to go to school – but he found that was simply not adventurous enough for him.

As soon as he was old enough he joined the Merchant Navy as a deck boy and survived a number of sinking’s. At wars end he was drafted into the navy proper and he shares his stories and adventures of life aboard one of Britain’s most famous aircraft carriers – the HMS Victorious.

listen to older voices – tony rice – part 1
HMS Victorious


His stories include how he was thrown into the brig for 16days for having the gall to talk to princess Margaret and, a further 5 days locked in the dungeons under Gibraltar for being AWOL.

Tony’s comment? “It was worth it all”.

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