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Listen To Older Voices: The Story of Trooper Thomas McIntyre – Part 3



Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

listen to older voices: the story of trooper thomas mcintyre – part 3
Thomas McIntyre in retirement with his family – [CLICK to enlarge]


This is the third and final part of this remarkable tale of what actually happed at Stringybark Creek on October 28 1878, when the Kelly gang killed 3 policemen.



Only one policeman survived, Trooper Thomas McIntyre who escaped to raise the alarm

I am talking with Laurie Hookey, the Great Grandson of McIntyre, and his wife, Mary-Rose where they discuss with me these and subsequent events that led to Ned Kelly’s capture.

The source of much of the discussion is a manuscript, which is a copy of the journal of the event as written by Trooper McIntyre – one of two copies given to the family when the original journal was donated to the Victorian Police Museum.

Over the past two programs we have discussed that for all the stories and glorification of Ned Kelly – especially through movies, Ned Kelly was in fact a murderer who showed no mercy to his victims.

listen to older voices: the story of trooper thomas mcintyre – part 3
Ned Kelly – [CLICK to enlarge]


Yet through the journal and family stories, we also discover that Ned Kelly was not without humour and was indeed, very innovative.

listen to older voices: the story of trooper thomas mcintyre – part 3
The Kelly trial in Beechworth – [CLICK to enlarge]

In this final part of the story we conclude our tale with Mary reading directly from the manuscript copy of Thomas McIntyre’s journal and we cannot help but to conclude, what many historians now declare, that the real hero at Stringybark Creek on that day was, Trooper Thomas McIntyre.

listen to older voices: the story of trooper thomas mcintyre – part 3
Ambush at Stringybark Creek – [CLCK to enlarge]


Poem by Thomas McIntyre

There ‘neath his cloak he’d lain,
Taking his rest
Basely by Kelly Slain;
Shot through the chest,
Whilst he still faintly spake,
“For wife and children’s sake”
(You enough blood have shed.)
“Leave me to die.”
“Bring no more on your head.”
“Man’s blood will cry”
“To the great Lord of all”
“At the last trumpet call:”
“Thou should’st no murder do”
“What will you say”
“I done to death by you”
“On that great day?”
“Now put away that gun.”
“Ah: God: The deed was done.
Shot as he lay.”

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