listen to older voices : marcie jones – part 1

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listen to older voices : marcie jones – part 1Welcome to a special LTOV [Baby Boomers] program. This is Part 1 of a 4-part program on the Life & Times of Australian iconic singer – Marcie Jones.

Over the four programs we will begin to unravel the life-long journey Marcie has taken in the world of professional music as both a solo singer and with the well known “Marcie and The Cookies”.

In Part 1 we will learn about Marcie’s background, not only how her singing and performance skills were developed, but more personal issues such as her love for horses which played a major part of her life up to the age of 18.

listen to older voices : marcie jones – part 1
An early career photo of Marcie


Through Marcie’s stories we will learn of the circumstances that led to her career as a vocalist, when she and her girlfriends went to a dance that had the Thunderbirds playing and how this led to her singing on stage at the age of fifteen. This event in turn would lead her to developing her career and being a regular on the popular TV music program, the Go Show.

listen to older voices : marcie jones – part 1
Marcie on the Go Show – [CLICK to enlarge]

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