listen to older voices: sam see – part 3

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listen to older voices: sam see – part 3
Sam See – [CLICK to enlarge]
 Welcome to the penultimate program in the story of Baby Boomer and successful musician, Sam See.


Sam See was born a Baby Boomer, when he was born at Darlinghurst in NSW in 1949. Like all Australian kids he experienced a great life growing up in the post WWII Australian society and he transferred his love of music from a hobby to a successful profession.

listen to older voices: sam see – part 3
The Johnny Farnham Band: sam extreme right – [CLICK to enlarge]
This week we learn a lot more of Sam and his musical passions as well as more about the many seminal and much loved groups he was part of, and mixed with. These included such bands include Sherbet, The Flying Circus, Fraternity, The Johnny Farnham Band, Stockley, See & Mason and others.


listen to older voices: sam see – part 3
Flying Circus in the USA: Sam far right – [CLICK to enlarge]
As his story unfolds we learn about his musical adventures in the USA, especially living in San Francisco in the very early 1970’s, and of his time in Canada.

In this part of his story we learn that there are real highs and desperate lows and when the adventures were over, it was time to return to Australia, where he was immediately “grabbed” by another Australian band, and taken to England.

So it is we all travel with Sam through the 1980’s and ‘90s enjoying every moment of a well told story.



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