listen to older voices: sam see – part 2

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listen to older voices: sam see – part 2
Sam See in the 70’s – [CLICK to enlarge]
This is the second of a 4-part program that features the Life & Times story of Australian musician, composer and producer, Sam See.

In the last program Sam talked about his family and their background and we learned that one great uncle was actually the Premier of NSW. His family were comfortably off but were not immune to the ravages of the Great Depression, as exemplified by a story about his father, who one week was attending Melbourne Grammar and the next, was on the streets of St Kilda selling potatoes to raise money.

We also learned of the circumstances under which Sam became enamoured with the guitar despite being taught violin, piano and cello, and how this led to a lifelong and successful career as a musician, composer and producer.

With the use of well developed storytelling skills and more than a dash of humour Sam unravels his journey into the world of music and performance. We follow how he made the transition from being in a group with a band of mates playing occasionally, to it becoming his full-time career.

listen to older voices: sam see – part 2
Sherbet Mark II: Sam, extreme left – [CLICK to enlarge]


But there is more, along the way we are reminded of the way our society was changing, rapidly, as we moved through the 1960’s well and truly into the 1970’s where he begins to connect with some memorable bands and artists, while experiencing many memorable moments.

listen to older voices: sam see – part 2
Fraternity: Sam, second from the right – [CLICK to enlarge]

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