listen to older voices: ross d. wylie – part 3

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listen to older voices: ross d. wylie – part 3
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This is part 3 of a 4-part program featuring Australian entertainer, Ross D. Wyllie.

In parts 1 & 2 we learned that Ross was born in a small Brisbane suburb in 1944. Largely bought up by his mother and contracted polio between the ages of 8 and 9.

Determined that he would not be defined by this terrible affliction, he worked hard to become a singer and a compare of two of Australia’s biggest teen shows, Uptight and Happening 70 while carving out a career as a singer.

listen to older voices: ross d. wylie – part 3


This week we learn how his intervention at a show at the Myer Music Bowl stopped a likely riot. We learn how the song “Here Comes the Star” was written for Ross by Johnny Young when Ross rather unkindly demanded Johnny leave a production meeting he had no business being at.

That track along with “Funny Man” were major hits for Ross in 1978.


listen to older voices: ross d. wylie – part 3
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Ross is very forthcoming about not just the good decisions he made, but also the poor one’s. He had a desire to become the host of evening variety shows and managed to host two programs of Ernie Sigley’s Adelaide. They were very successful and Ross thought he was on the edge of a breakthrough, when politics reared its ugly head, and not for the first time Ross found himself on the outer.

Despite his many set-backs, Ross also appreciates his many successes and this all leads to a man who is content with his life.


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