listen to older voices: reg forrest – part 1

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This is a repeat program from our Vault of Treasured Memories and is being presented due to the restrictions currently still in place on conducting fresh interviews, due to the Corona Virus.

This is part 1 of a 3-part program featuring the Life and Times of Reg Forrest. When this program was first aired in 2008, Reg was 79 years of age. Born in Bairnsdale Victoria Reg shares stories of his early life which were largely spent in conditions we would consider today, as very primitive.

His family didn’t have a flush toilet or even electricity until the early 1940’s, when Reg was about 10 years of age. Yet, according to Reg it was a happy home largely due to his mother. Like most kids f that era, the young reg was expected to work, and work hard on the family property, whilst still having to attend school and still being able to find time to play with his mates.

We learn about his father and his grandfather and how, although his life was very structured it was a life where he felt loved. Certainly his upbringing had a strong effect on him and as a result Reg formed equally strong opinions on discipline and respect.

Toward the conclusion of this part of his story,Reg shares the perspective of what WWI was like as seen through the eyes of a young teenage boy.

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