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This is a single Life & Times program featuring the story of Phyllis Adams, which was originally broadcast in October of 2004.

Phyllis was born in the Malley in in 1923, Phyllis tells of her life in the Malley with her parents and recalls how her mother would have to catch fish to help the family survive the terrible years of the Great Depression. In recalling her early years we get a snap shot of how an ordinary Aussie family survived those terrible years, but Phyllis also makes it clear, there was still time for fun.

Then she moved to Victoria’s Yarra Valley as a young woman. It was here she met and married Jack Adams and they lived together in Yarra Junction.

A young Jack Adams


As we learn more about Phyllis we find out that she worked all her adult life in the garage that she and Jack owned and operated and continued to do so even after Jack passed away in 1999.

Tacks commemorative plaque – [CLICK to enlarge]


Phyllis only stopped working at the garage in 2003.

Sadly Phyllis passes away only 7 months after this interview was conducted, in May of 2005. However her story lives on and it is a reminder that no matter how tough we think things are now, the generations before us in many ways, did it tougher.

Yarra Junction post WWII – [CLICK to enlarge]

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