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Listen To Older Voices : Peter Roussos – Part 2



Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves for Uniting Melba and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg.

Listen To Older Voices presents the stories, views and opinions of our older citizens. It is predominantly in a life & times format, with interviewees reflecting upon their lives from earliest memories. An underlying principle of the program is to promote the concept of positive ageing, reinforcing the principle that older people have & continue to make a valuable contribution to both their local & wider community.

Hello and welcome to the second part of the story of 65 year old Baby Boomer, Peter Roussos.

In this program we build on Peters experiences playing in some iconic groups of the late 1960’s – such as with the late Geoff Crozier and learn about what went on behind the scenes at the iconic Station Hotel, which was the first music based hotel in Melbourne.


Peter (3rd from the right standing next to Geoff Crozier 4th from the right


Located in Greville Street Prahran, it was both the first and during the early to mid 1970’s, the best hotel for live music in Australia. There was a saying in the music industry, if you didn’t play at the Station then you probably didn’t have a future in the music industry.

The Station Hotel – Greville Street Prahran before is was partially demolished


However, as his story unfolds we learn very quickly that there is much more to Peter than music. A self-taught chef, he commences down the pathway to an amazing career in the food and entertainment business, that sees him both managing and owning hotels around Melbourne and becoming both a skilled and highly successful chef.

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