listen to older voices : pat grotaers – part 3

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In this, the third and final part of her story, Pat Grotaers shares how through hard work and determination to become sufficient on the land, she and husband Vic develop Pomberg Farm.

It doesn’t come easy and there are many trials and tribulations. But having overcome dyslexia Pat takes it all in her stride and create a piece of paradise at Pomberg farm. They are so successful she offers classes through the local Community house to help others who wish to learn.

But fate has more in store and Vic is diagnosed with cancer and is given only eight weeks to live. Pat shuts down totally in shock.

But this is a woman who has amazing internal strength and we learn how she copes in not just running the farm but working with Vic. She shares the unbelievable and wonderful journey they undertook together which resulted in Vic beating the cancer.

The story of Pat Grotaers is the story of a woman that made Australia her home and a woman with a determination and strength we can only admire.

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