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This is Part 2 of a 3-part program featuring the Life & Times of Pat Grotaers.

In part 2 we find Pat, having migrated to Australia from the UK. meets her husband to be Vic. This part of her story is constantly punctuated with many funny and engrossing stories some, quite dramatic.

She shares many wonderful stories some funny and some quite dramatic.  Such a story is the time when her daughter stopped breathing as a result of going into convulsions.

With a strong desire to be self-sufficient Pat tells the remarkable story of how she found the exactly the piece of land she had always wanted. It was located in Wesburn Victoria. Here, she and Vic not just built a magic home, but a wonderful self-sustaining farm that they called Pomberg farm.

Pomberg farm – the house


With hard work and dedication they built wonderful vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, kept typical farm animals and developed native gardens.

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