Listen To Older Voices: Pasquale Colodonato – Part 3

listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1

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Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the story of Pasquale Colodonato.

Born in a small rural Italian village in 1935, Pasquale survived WWII despite losing his home and his father. He won a scholarship and became a teacher, immigrating to Australia, where he arrived without any money or anywhere to stay.

In this final part of his story he shares with us how, on arriving in Melbourne, he simply hopped on a train not quite certain as to where he would go. On arriving at the end of the line was befriended by an ex-pat Sicilian, who takes him under his wing. Not only does he eventually find a job but also a home, with Melbourne race-caller and hotelier, Eric Welsh.

Pasquale works hard and makes many friends and starts repaying his adopted country. He returns to study and he explains how helping people led him to taking up nursing.

This is a great story, reflective of the many Italians who made Australia their home post WWII ands in doing so, not just bought wonderful elements of their culture here, but helped shape a fabulous multi-cultural country.

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