Listen To Older Voices: Pasquale Colodonato – Part 2

listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1

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listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1This is second part of the 3-part Life & Times story of Pasquale Colodanato.

In Part 1 we learned he was born in 1935 and at the age of 6 was sleeping in the hills outside his rural Italian village, looking after sheep.

Not only did Pasquale lose his father during the war, his family home was destroyed and at wars end, there seemed to be little in the future for him.

Yet despite all the issues facing her, his mother kept the family together and we learn of the circumstances that led to Pasquale not only sitting, but passing exams that allowed him to study at a higher level, full-time for free.

Pasquale becomes a qualified teacher, determined to help other young Italian children get a good education. Then we learn of how he came to the decision that his future would be in Australia, and how he comes to decide to immigrate.

The trip by boat was not pleasant with him experiencing a lot of rough weather, but Pasquale takes it all in his stride and, listen out for the story of the rotten bananas.

His story takes us to him landing in Melbourne with no money and nowhere to live.

What would you do?

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