Listen To Older Voices: Michael Dillon – Part 4

listen to older voices: michael dillon – part 4

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listen to older voices: michael dillon – part 4
Michael Dillon 2021 – [CLICK to enlarge]



This is the fourth and final program in the Life and Times story of the amazing and talented Michael Dillon.


If you have followed the story of Michael Dillon through the first three parts of his program you could not help but to be both impressed with his abilities and the strength of his professional beliefs, all of which have led him to being a world renowned designer, glazer and potter.

listen to older voices: michael dillon – part 4
A piece of Michael’s work – [CLICK to enlarge


He is a man whose work is recognised around the world and in the first 3-parts of his story, we have been privy to his story from his early years in his home town of Manangatang Victoria, to Bendigo where his commenced his formal studies ad through to his experiences with Wedgwood in the UK and the USA.

His skills and his abilities just keep growing and result in his producing extremely sought after designs and items.

listen to older voices: michael dillon – part 4
The Wedgwood 250th anniversary publication that featured some of Michael’s work – [CLICK to enlarge
listen to older voices: michael dillon – part 4
A piece of Michaels work that appeared in the anniversary publication – [CLICK to enlarge]

In this final part of his story Michael, now much sought after, shares stories of his teaching experiences while expanding on a part of his life not involved so much with his creative side, more along his business side.

We learn why he would, if not for the current pandemic, chose to live in Singapore. Michael also shares his frustrations of still having so much to offer with both design and creative output, but like many older people, he is forced to face the barrier of the negative attitudes directed toward those who have aged.


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