listen to older voices: marjorie collins – part 1

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listen to older voices: marjorie collins – part 1
A young Marjorie – [CLICK to enlarge]
  Welcome to part 1 of a 2-part program featuring the Life and Times of 90 year old Marjorie Collins.


Born in 1930, in Horsham Victoria, Marjorie makes it clear that although this was the period when many were suffering from the Great Depression, she and her family were somewhat isolated from its effects and in her story, it becomes clear why.

In discussing her early years she recalls that most of her early memories were of her Grandparents, scones, big gardens and good times.

We follow her story through her school years from primary school through to Teachers College. In fact in one way or another, schools and education play a significant part of her story.

While she was attending primary school in Horsham she connected with the son of the Headmaster. His name was Alan Collins and he would eventually become her husband.

On becoming a teacher Marjorie is sent to her first school in Patchywallock in rural Victoria, which resulted in an inevitable long-distance relationship with Alan.

listen to older voices: marjorie collins – part 1
Patchywallock School, – [CLICK to enlarge]


However, on becoming his wife, when Alan is ordained as a Minister, Marjorie leaves teaching to assist her husband. Now her story takes on that of her as the wife of a Minister where, although she is happy, she discovers that the wife of a Minister sometimes lives a very basic lifestyle.

listen to older voices: marjorie collins – part 1

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