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 This is the fourth and final program in the story of 76-year-old Laurie Arthur.

Always looking for the best musicians Laurie forms an ad-hoc group consisting of some of Melbourne’s best musicians to fill a need in a Melbourne venue that was providing lunchtime shows. Because the group was made up of members of other groups, it took the name, The Mixtures.

L-R Alan “Edgell” James, John Creech & Laurie Arthur

With Laurie driving the group, he gradually put together a permanent lineup of the Mixtures that went on to record several singles.

Then Laurie saw for the Mixtures to progress he needed to move out of playing, and to manage the group. By then the Mixtures were on the verge of greatness. Under Laurie’s management, the group went on to record some iconic tracks such as the Pushbike Song and In the Summertime.

During our talk Laurie also shares his thoughts on the state of the Australian music scene. He is highly critical of the way music is taught these days, and shares his method, both by sharing his thoughts and also by demonstrating it on guitar.

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 Laurie is also published with his books “Interactive Guitar”

and “Interactive bass”.


Laurie – 2019


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