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In Part 3 of the story of Laurie Arthur we learn how a session backing Colin Cook resulted in The Strangers getting their first recording contract. This in turn led them to becoming the house-group, for the W&G label. It also resulted in them backing many artists including Colin Cook and Merv Benton to name a few, on their recordings.

Yet music tastes was changing in Australia in the mid 1960’s with the advent of the British music invasion. However the Strangers took it all in their stride and their popularity just kept rising. In this program Laurie talks about one gig where they blew a big band literally off the stage at a private gig.

We also learn about the inability of some of the members of The Strangers to tour overseas. This in turn led to Laurie making the decision to leave the group that he formed and loved.

But, the future for him was bright as circumstances lead him to form yet another iconic group – The Mixtures, one that he both played in and managed to great success.

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