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This is Part 3 of a 4-part program featuring the Life & Times story of Australian musician, John Arthur Grant.



This week John’s story moves into the 1980’s where he starts to move away from group membership into freelancing and studio work.

Yet he didn’t totally abandon working live and he did form several moderately successful duo’s with the occasional collaboration on stage.

listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 3
John participating on a Melbourne Lord mayors Command Performance


Yet one of the important lessons he learned was to have multiple projects going and, these projects included working as a pit-musician in theatre productions, selling keyboards, and becoming a demonstrator for Korg.

it was while he was working for Korg that he travel the world attending various trade shows and symposiums. It was also during this period he began to integrate his experiences with his love for classical music which would be reflected in his music that was to come.

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