listen to older voices: howard freeman – part 3

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listen to older voices: howard freeman – part 3
Howard Freeman – [CLICK to enlarge]
Over the past 2 programs that featured the amazing story of the Life & Times of Baby Boomer Howard Freeman, we have learned of his commitment and dedication to developing an Australian music scene as well as to being part of bringing amazing international Acts to Australia.



Yet Howard, despite his larger than life personality, is rarely seen out ‘front”. He is the man who is responsible for organising and getting these huge international shows from one venue to another, with the pulling down of shows and the transporting and setting up in the next location.

listen to older voices: howard freeman – part 3
Howard – [CLICK to enlarge]


This means we, the Australian audiences, have the best possible show, and the artists have the freedom to work their art without worrying about other organisational issues.

Now into his 7th decade of life, and although he has significantly backed off from a lot of the physical work, he remains active in the industry. His aim is to make certain the new generation of stage and program workers are perfectly equipped to keep live performances and and the music industry – vibrant!

Recently he has thoroughly immersed himself in work to fund the assistance of the many “Roadies” who have devoted their working lives into hard physical work to get shows to us.

listen to older voices: howard freeman – part 3
One of the many stages Howard and his crew have assembled, then de-assembled to transport to the next location. [CLICK to enlarge]


Not for them the luxury of retirement with superannuation. So Howard works closely with Support Act, an industry group that assists Australian artists, and is a prime mover with “Roady4Roadies“events, raising money to assist ageing road crews who are physically and mentally suffering after their decades of dedication to the music industry.

listen to older voices: howard freeman – part 3

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