listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3

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listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3This is the third and final part of the Life and Times story of Helen Harmer.



Over the first two programs we learned about Helen’s early life in and around Warragul. Born in 1941, with a shortage of toys and children’s books, she and the other children learned to be both self-reliant and innovative, two of many qualities Helen carried throughout her life.

Eventually moving to a more urban lifestyle, she entered High school and decided to become a teacher. During her time at teachers college she met and married Ted Harmer, himself a teacher.

listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3
Ted & Helen – [CLICK to enlarge]


In this final program, Helen’s story includes more tales of her grandfather and grandmother. These including some fascinating stories about them living in a house the grandfather had built with part  being made from wattle and daub.

listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3
A Lux wood stove – Helen’s grandparents used one. – [CLICK to enlarge]

We learn why she was out of teaching for some 12 years and the circumstances that bought her back into that field, However, it is the stories Helen shares about Ted including the circumstances of his death that really engages us.

listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3
Ted in his latter years – [CLICK to enlarge]


There are also stories that show the devotion they had for each other and the love Ted has for the country, a love only equaled by that for Helen, his family and his home. All of this really tell an important part of Helen’s own story.

listen to older voices: helen harmer – part 3
Helen at home : 2020 – [CLICK to enlarge]

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