listen to older voices : helen harmer – part 2

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listen to older voices : helen harmer – part 2 This is part 2 of a 3-part program featuring the story of 78-year-old Helen Harmer.

Last week we learned that Helen was bought up very much in a rural environment. On moving closer to Melbourne with her family she had to rapidly learn how to deal with the more urban lifestyle – but that, and little else, actually phased Helen who adapts very quickly to new situations.

This week we hear more of how she and her sister, two country bumpkins – in Helen’s words, dealt with the complexity of the urban train system in what is, quite an amusing story. She shares stories of her high school experiences and the circumstances that led her to going to Teachers College despite her father believing, that while his daughters should have a solid education, it didn’t need to be a complete one.

As part of that story we also learn more about her father who was, quite an amazing man in his own right. While attending Teachers College she meets Ted Harmer, her husband to be.

listen to older voices : helen harmer – part 2
Helen and Ted on their wedding day – [CLICK to enlarge]


This is a very engaging part of her story as is in particular, the secret Helen only shared with Ted just before their engagement – it didn’t stop the wedding and they remained married for 57 years before Ted passed away.

We pick up with Helen sharing a story of what happened when she and her sister missed the only after school hours bus that would take them home.

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