listen to older voices: glyn mason – part 1

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listen to older voices: glyn mason – part 1
A young Glyn Mason – [CLICK to enlarge]
This is Part 1 of a 3-part Program featuring the Life & Times of Glyn Mason.


Glyn is a Baby Boomer and is indeed becoming part of the older generation. Like almost all Baby Boomers his story is, however, significantly different to those of the previous generations.

Born into the Post WWII economic boom, with social, political and massive technological changes afoot, the Baby Boomer generation shaped the world in a way never before seen.

Glyn arrived in Australia post WWII with his family from Britain, as part of the large migrant influx known as the Ten-Pound Poms. His story eventually takes us into the world of the professional musician – Glyn’s calling and, a profession that he has worked in for most of his life. 

In Part 1 we learn why the family ended up moving from Australia to New Zealand.

listen to older voices: glyn mason – part 1
Glyn and parents – [CICK to enlarge]


In the program we also cover Glyn’s early years and in hearing stories of growing up we learn why music was a critical part of his development.

listen to older voices: glyn mason – part 1
Glyn: First year at High School – [CLICK to enlarge]


We also learn why, years later, he returned to Australia with a top NZ band, and stayed!


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