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This interview is one of our Golden Moment Repeat programs and was conducted by Josie Hall, when she interviewed Elaine Brennan in 2001. 

At the time of the interview Elaine was 78 years of age. In the interview Elaine describes her life as the “fortunate life”.

Eliane marries Niall Brennan, whose father was Frank Brennan, the Federal Attorney General in the Scullin Labor government. After much moving around and travel eventually Elaine and Niall and their two small boys settle down in Gladysdale. a remote eastern town outside Melbourne in the Yarra Ranges.

listen to older voices : elaine brennan
Gladysdale general Store circa 1920


Elaine takes the listeners with her as she journeys back through her life and shares the meany reasons with the contentment she felt then, and now.

Her stories certainly focus on her life in and around Gladysdale but she also shares stories of an overseas trip when she and her husband travel to the UK by ship, first class in 1936.

It’s a story of a lifestyle now long gone, certainly it bought its own challenges but it was a slower and gentler pace of life, something that we today can only be envious of.

Elaine passed away at the age of 82 years of age. 


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