listen to older voices: col millington – part 3

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listen to older voices: col millington – part 1
Col: 2015 – [CLICK to enlarge]


This is the 3rd and final program in the Life and Times of Col Millington. Born in 1949, Col was born in a period that led into some of the most profound social, economic and musical changes this county has gone through.



We learned in the past two programs that having followed his dream to be a professional musician, he was encouraged to leave the security of the “band” environment.

In fact Col struck out in the 1970’s as a solo act and it turned out to be a great move that saw him forge a successful career in songwriting and singing, winning many awards, while developing new skills that has led him to recording and producing other Australian artists.

listen to older voices: col millington – part 1
Col with some of his music awards. – [CLICK to enlarge]


listen to older voices: col millington – part 1
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A 66 years of age when interviewed, Col was actually in a very reflective stage of his life. He shares how life on the road as a musician and singer has taken its toll upon him, yet he continues to perform even today.




Col also shares the problems and issues he continues to face as well as talking about those issues that many other musicians and artists face as they get older.

Yet this “boomer” is not ready to go quietly just yet. He had released his 33rd album and he discusses that release with me and shares some of the music from that album, with you.

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