Listen To Older Voices: Christine Easdown – Part 2

listen to older voices: christine easdown – part 2

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listen to older voices: christine easdown – part 2
In Marrakech North Africa: Aged 25 – [CLICK to enlarge]



It’s a pleasure to be bringing you Part 2 of the 3-part story of Baby Boomer, Christine Easdown.

In Pt 1 we learned that Christine decided to follow a career as a teacher. While studying she visits SE Asia and while having some rather close counters with the rather unfriendly Pathet Lao, the trip certainly kicks in a desire to travel.

So it is that part 2 features both stories about further travel but also about her teaching experiences, the first of which in Chris’ own words was, “a shocker’!

We then learn how she goes from being a teacher to a “super cook” on a bus tour through North Africa and Chris shares some amazing stories of her adventures.

listen to older voices: christine easdown – part 2
Marrakech (Medina) with Lydia & Mohammed – [CLICK to enlarge]


On returning to Australia she returns to teaching Senior Secondary students, and while she is in fact a good teacher, we learn why she decides to take a sabbatical and heads to India. Her decision to leave for India is traced back to a strong spiritual experience she had while visiting Israel, during a time of feeling she was experiencing a spiritual vacuum.

So Chris heads to India where she works in a Delhi crisis centre for travellers.

listen to older voices: christine easdown – part 2
India: Chris & Uma – [CLICK to enlarge]


However, she does return to Australia to fulfil her obligations to the education department, before she is off again, this time to Kathmandu.

listen to older voices: christine easdown – part 2
Annapurna Base camp with guide. Chris age 32 – [CLICK to enlarge]

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