Developing land with quality work is one of the essential parts of any construction project’s success. Buildings constructed with no flaws helps you as a builder or home buyer to avoid property conflicts and from legal land disputes. Here, land surveyors Melbourne play a significant role in depicting the site details, including topography, slope, and also measuring the fence lines from start to finish. 

The surveying process is beneficial for the building designer and architects to understand the nearby neighbourhood context. Advanced survey equipment and tools are used by a land surveyor to measure the sightings and setbacks of the buildings. According to the types of land surveys like boundary survey, ALTA/ACSM survey, construction survey, location survey, subdivision survey, site planning, and topographic survey, unique tools are used. 

Different Tools Used By Land Surveyors to Meet The Unique Building Purposes

  1. Tripods

Surveyors use these surveying tripods as it provides strong support for the precision surveying instruments. It is available in all kinds of materials like wood, fibreglass, composite, aluminium, and wood-fibreglass. 

  1. Tilting Prism System

When any land surveyor is working with total stations which needs a target or reflector, a tilting prism system is a must-have. Surveyors use these prims either on top of prism pole or fix it on the top of a tripod. 

  1. ML-3 Locator 

Land surveyors use ML-3 locator while carrying out a boundary survey. It is used to examine property corners and hidden utility lines. It also identifies metal objects at depths of 8 feet or more. Consider as the best tool as it automatically calculates the unit for magnetic surroundings.  

  1. Spot Magnetic Locator

It is another tool used to locate objects like utility hole covers or survey pins, up to 18 inches deep. Surveyors working in rough terrain region having severe weather uses this spot magnetic locator. 

  1. Column Pod 

When there is no option for stable footing to put tripod, land surveyors use column pods. It enables setup of your total station or scans an area from the column to the corner. Overall, it eliminates the need for tripods. 

  1. GPS Rover Rod

For location survey purpose where there is a need to collect the data for the improvement of the interiors, surveyors use GPS rover rod. But, when the construction project is in the location with a dense tree canopy or surrounded by buildings, this tool is not preferable. 

  1. Laser LL500

When the surveyor has to take more extended range measurements across the entire site, then they use Laser LL500. It increases productivity while decreasing the need for multiple sets on a large construction site. 

  1. SDL30 Digital Level

Using this tool makes work of measuring height and distance easier and faster in all types of surroundings, i.e., from low light to bright sunlight and artificial light. Surveyors use it for getting accuracy in the construction site where there are adverse environments. 

  1. Double Edge Ditch Bank Blade

When the land surveyors in Melbourne want heavy-duty clearing and shrugging of sturdy vines, weeds, undergrowth, small saplings, and briars during ground field surveying, this double edge ditch bank blade is used.

Why Is Hiring Land Surveyors Using Advanced Tools Important?

There are people in Melbourne who are not considering land surveyor for their construction project. If you are one of them, then know that hiring a land surveyor only helps you and saves you money. They use the latest tools to provide you with precise measurements about the land and make a detailed report of all flaws. 

In any case, if you fall for a conflict over the land boundaries, then the land surveyor can help you legally and become your expert witness. Also, they help developers know the best layout of their building plans. Overall, hiring land surveyors will assist the homeowner looking to purchase a new piece of land or a builder having desires for successful completion of a construction project. 

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