leeuwin estate art series
I got my second jab today, now I am fully vaccinated. So there isn’t any real reason to keep opening the good stuff. Other than the fact it’s Monday and It’s my day off.
The last two bloody weeks has been my day off, “O” well that’s CV19 for ya.
Now to the wine; I have to be honest there is not much I could say that already hasn’t been said, about this wine except… I knowing and willingly opened this wine way too soon… God, I know that, but truly I wanted a Cab/Sav and it was everything I expected from this wine. There was oak with the power of the deep dark blue fruit just hinting at sweet blackcurrants and dusty blueberries with just a touch sweet cherry tannin on the finish…
Well that’s what I got from this wine.
It was really more of a party, as I also opened a half bottle of 2011 Chateau Mont – Redon Chateauneuf De Pape; Got to admit there was a beer involved also.
2011 Chateau Mont – Redon Chateauneuf De Pape was good. I spotted this in a very good St Kilda wine store/hotel. You know the one? They have a good range of imported booze down in the cellar.
If I win the lotto I may just go back and pick out a bottle or two.

Anyway back to the wine, it hasn’t been the booze up it appears to be. I have only had a glass from each bottle of wine and will let them open up overnight. without a doubt the Leeuwin Estate will drink over week a glass each night with my dinner. And see how the wine travels and see where it goes. Looking forward to the journey.

Michael Lillis

The Rot has set in…