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Learn How To Get Rid Of Bird Pest Humanely In Brisbane



Everyone loves to watch birds soar through the sky, but once they infest, they quickly become a nuisance that must be removed with the help of professional pest control Brisbane company.

Birds tend to build the nest and roost within the internal structure, hampering your well-being and contributing to a negative outward impression of your house. Their dropping and shed feathers are known to spread disease and can affect your loved ones. 

Some bird species are a real nuisance and can cause damage to the property by blocking the gutter, dislodging roof tiles, leaving drops that corrode building materials, and more. 

Some are aggressive and attack humans, especially during the breeding season to defend their young ones. 

They carry fleas, ticks, mites, and other pests that spread diseases and pose a serious risk to the health of your loved ones.

Opting for professional bird control Brisbane sooner will ensure that your home is protected against all the hazards associated with them.

Common Bird Problems

Crows, pigeons, gulls, and starlings are the most common birds found in Brisbane. Of all, pigeons are considered the most notorious as they live in highly populated communities where food is available in abundance. Further, pigeon bird removal Brisbane is the most requested pest control service in Brisbane and its surroundings.

Birds pose a risk to humans too. Ticks, fleas, miles, and other pests tend to thrive in areas where birds live and roost their droppings. Plus, birds can cause contamination on air ducts and HVAC systems.

So, if you notice birds building nests on your property, immediately hire a professional bird nest removal company. 

Diseases Carried By Birds

Birds are known to carry a wide range of diseases and are host to other pests. Humans can also develop symptoms like influenza due to spores from bird droppings. 

It is essential to contact professional bird control Brisbane company at the first sign of infestation:

Salmonella – It is a bacterium found in the droppings of pigeons and gulls. Salmonellosis and paratyphoid fever are possible side effects.

Psittacosis – Also known as pigeon fancier’s lung or Ornithosis, this ailment is spread by inhaling germs from dried droppings or handling infected pigeon or seagull feathers.

Fowl pest – Also known as Newcastle disease or fowl plague, it can transmit to humans when they encounter faeces and other excretions from diseased pigeon birds.

Escherichia coli (E.Coli) – Seagulls are the main carriers of Escherichia coli (E.Coli), which can cause gastroenteritis and septicaemia.

Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis – These are examples of fungal infections and are spread by seagulls’ droppings.

So, if you notice a bird’s nest on your property, immediately contact an expert bird nest removal company.

Bird Pest Control Brisbane Techniques

When dealing with a major bird infestation, it is best to hire a professional pest control company instead of opting for DIY methods. The law is an essential factor to consider before performing any sort of bird control on your own. In some parts of Australia, killing any bird other than pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings is illegal.

Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional to remove annoying birds from your abode. Experts take a comprehensive approach that includes minimum harm to the environment and the birds. They even offer:

  • Bird nest removal and relocation
  • Bird exclusion
  • Feces removal
  • Pressure washing and decontamination of the area

Air duct cleaning and property maintenance are two more services that are frequently required when dealing with bird infestations. 

If birds are becoming a nuisance in your life and you believe your health or property is being jeopardised, it is time to hire a bird removal Brisbane company.

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