league of gentlemen – challenge charity lunch

league of gentlemen – challenge charity lunchOver the last three years, Kate and Joel Gniel have watched their youngest son go through cancer treatment. Not only have they seen first-hand the stress it can place on a family but also the incredible support a community can provide. 
The League of Gentlemen is a ‘men only’ event that draws on this community spirit to raise money for a wonderful cause – on this occassion Challenge’s new cancer retreat in Healesville. 
Why just men?    
With a young family at home, a Dad’s life can revolve around family and work. For some, this focus can be quite isolating as it becomes harder to find time to catch up with mates, play sports and build new networks. 
Joel and Kate wanted to create an event that was not just a fundraiser but would provide an entertaining way for men in the community to grow their networks and friendships.

We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural
League of Gentlemen event.