Understanding the Importance of Lead Generation over the Phone

Today we are looking at the importance of lead generation and how to go about developing leads. Furthermore, we will examine how lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines can transform your business and build your business. 

Lead generation is one of those sneakily complicated processes that appears simple, but under the surface is a complex world of moving parts that build out one of the most important pillars of your business and sales team. Understanding how to craft an effective lead generation strategy may be the missing ingredient to your business taking the next step. 

Okay, let’s layout what we’re looking at today.

  1.   Identify your Target Market
  2.   Build out lists of people that can fall within this target market
  3.   Identify your call offers
  4.   Make a checklist of what information you need to qualify leads as legitimate leads for your business
  5.   Assess your outsourcing options
  6.   Repeat

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, let’s break it down and see just how complex it actually is. 

  1.   Identify your Target Market

This is as old as marketing itself. You have to know your customer, know your buyer persona, identify who you want to pursue. Time spent chasing down leads who ultimately aren’t in your target market is not a good use of anyone’s time.

You need to work with your team and define the parameters of exactly who you will sell too. In bigger companies, this may include drawing the line between different markets for different sales teams. I cannot stress this off. Know your audience. This is the foundation of the whole process for your team.

  1.   Build Out Lists of People That Can Fall Within This Target Market

This is a very important part of lead generation and prospecting. Being strategic in every part of the sales process is beyond important. Think of it as a general. You would not go into battle without a plan, so do not trudge through your sales process without one. 

Come up with different groups to organize your prospects into. Maybe do it by territory. Maybe do it by different calling tactics or offers you will have. It is up to you but just make sure you have a plan before you attack. 

  1.   Identify Your Call Offers

Okay, I just eluded to this in the previous section. There are more steps that will be executed before this, but this the appropriate spot to plan for this. Once your leads are qualified and considered generated, you will want to have an offer for them. Organizing early on based on your eventual strategies will be effective. Some leads you may offer a gift bag to. Some you can offer a free trial to. Some you can look to just book a meeting but lean on a special competitive advantage you have. You have options. 

  1.   Make a Checklist of What Information You Need to Qualify Leads as Legitimate Leads for Your Business

This is very important. Know what makes a prospect go into the trash heap and what makes a prospect become a qualified lead. Are they in the market? Are they the right size? Do they have the authority to make a purchasing decision? Etc. Qualifying is very important. 

  1.   Assess Your Outsourcing Options

This one is much easier. The leading provider of outsourcing in the world is the Philippines. Over the past 20 years, no country has built a better, more reliable outsourcing operation than the Philippines. With high-performance outbound lead generation powerhouses like Acquisix, the Philippines is the place you should outsource your lead generation requirements to. After you’ve built your lead generation plan, you can now allow your team in the Philippines to hit the phones to qualify your prospects and generate your leads. By the time your outsourcing team turns these over to your salespeople, the leads are vetted and ready to hear your sales pitch.

  1.   Repeat

As they say in sales, you are only as good as your last sale. The cycle repeats.

We hope you got a good idea of everything that goes into planning out an effective and efficient lead generation process. We also hope you see the value in outsourcing your lead generation and how the Philippines is the ideal partner for you.

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