Lady Fox – Nocturnal Fever

Lady Fox – Nocturnal Fever
Diamonds and the Blues Martini glass

Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin: Step inside the forbidden blues and burlesque clubs of the 1920s

Submit yourself to the guilty pleasures of the 1920s speakeasies and gin houses in Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin, a stunning blues revue punctuated with exceptional burlesque performances. Relive a time when live music was the staple backdrop, to every sordid occasion. Deliver your soul to the temptations of flesh and fantasy.


Nocturnal Fever is the brainchild of Diamonds and The Blues, Melbourne’s sexiest blues duo. The duo features the velvety smooth vocals of Lady Fox and the guitar stylings of her partner-in-crime, Diddy Reyes. Having created and performed many sell-out shows throughout Victoria since forming in 2017, they are taking their potent cocktail of Jazz and blues to some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues and Australia’s biggest festivals.


Each night, Melbourne is invited to step inside a bygone era, where the gin flowed secretly, and the secrets flowed, full of gin. This season features three exceptional burlesque performers, Miss Gemma Sheree, La Hoochie Bam Bam and Jazida. Each performer will take audiences on their own subversive journey through history, dance and music.


Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin opens on the 30th of July and runs for 6 nights. Bookings are highly recommended.


Show Details: Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin

Dates: 30th July – 4th of August

Time: 8.30pm

Cost: $27-34

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne


Lady Fox – Nocturnal Fever