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La Mama Cinematica! // Apocalypse Normal

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LaMama Aqua copy

La Mama theatre introduces Cinematica! A quarterly event to present short-film, obscure music videos, experimental film, the moving-image and avant-garde cinema. Each Cinematica! will explore a concept or theme, the first being Apocalypse Normal, with special guests Jay Katz and Miss Death.

Embracing the apocalyptic themes that are currently humming around Melbourne, La Mama Theatre has decided to explore and embrace cinema that delves into themes of end-of-the-world, apocalypse, dystopia and nihilism – with the view that this will provide opportunity
for our community to expand our perspectives on our current way of life, allowing us to recognise our limits and capabilities to achieve.

By entertaining these ideas that have been widely floated, we hope that people will find optimism, humour, positivity and an outlook that is hopeful for the future.

La Mama’s new Acting General Manager, Tessa Spooner said “I am thrilled to introduce Cinematica! into La Mama’s repertoire. There is certainly a depressing vibe in Melbourne at the moment and it has been disheartening that we can’t bring people together in the theatre.

It has been challenging for many to lose the immediacy and intimacy of live performance.

However, there is so much amazing, interesting archival, experimental film and obscure videos out there that we are keen to share with our audiences. We’re particularly excited to bring some kooky films out for Halloween, given many have been joking that the apocalypse is here.”

La Mama Cinematica! // Apocalypse Normal will screen a surprise cult-classic, horror short-films, and eccentric music clips! Special guests and film legends Jaimie Leonarder, AKA Jay Katz and his wife Aspasia, AKA Miss Death from Mu Meson Archives in Sydney will
present the main feature.

This experiment will inform the future of Cinematica!; where La Mama will hold seasonal, curated evenings of thematic cinema. Until we can do this in real life, La Mama invites you to enjoy an evening of excellently selected cinema for your online viewing pleasure.

CURATOR: Tessa Spooner SPECIAL GUESTS: Jay Katz and Miss Death
VENUE: Online
DATE & TIME: 31st October 2020 / 8:00pm
TICKETS: www.lamama.com.au/whats-on / 0490 117 880