commercial painters

Are you looking for painters to get your workplace or residence painted? We have brought a complete solution for you. Commercial and industrial painting covers a large area, and hence, the painting also takes time. The right weather shield protection keeps your commercial space safe from inclement weather. Commercial painters give you the painting calculator and the per square feet cost which helps you to get the desired color effect that you want.

Painting is like giving life to a lifeless building. They add elegance and style to the building. Everyone wants the painting to be pinpoint and perfect Because painting is not something that you can do again and again.

There Are Three types of Painters:

Residential, commercial, and industrial. These three types are based on where painting has to be done and also different types of paints are used and there are different requirements for painting different buildings. For homes, apartments, residential painting is preferred. For Business purposes, hotels, resorts, any government building commercial painting is used while for industries industrial paintings are used.

Let’s see the difference between the three of them.

1. Commercial Painters

Commercial painting covers the largest painting projects such as offices, restaurants, resorts, corporate buildings, etc. Priming and applying coats on multiple surfaces, even installing different types of epoxy flooring are some of the works that trained commercial painters to do. 

Commercial painters, paint your buildings to ensure your business portrays itself in the right way. Also, all perform other tasks besides painting. Such as repairing old walls, filling the walls as needed, and then giving a fresh vibrant color coat to your building. In fact, right from sealing cracks and holes to continuing with the best painting of your home, you can go for hiring some of the best painters for commercial purposes.

Mostly latex paint is used for commercial buildings. It has a huge advantage of drying very quickly unlike other paints. 

2. Residential Painters

It’s a painting on a small level. Commercial painting and residential painting might often seem similar but the difference between both of them is that the first one is on a large level while the latter one is on a small level. The commercial painter also does some of the other works like using sandpaper, wire brushes, preparing surfaces for complete  Washing walls, removing old paint, filling up walls, and covering them with unique colors and designs. Also, an important part of residential painting includes painting in a way to enhance the look of your house.

3. Industrial Painters

Industrial painting usually involves painting commercial as well as industrial buildings with the concern of creating a durable finish. The industry is a place where the manufacturing of a particular item takes place. It’s very important to have a durable painting as it might have to bear the heat and various other tough factors.

Industrial painters impart paint with the highest durability. Yes of course it is dependent upon the paint type they use. But also the painting skills they use. For example, professional industrial painters put 2-3 coats of oil paint and along with that give a finishing touch with varnish. To render paints to be most durable. Oil-based paints require a long time to dry but their durability makes them best to use for industrial purposes.

Talking About the Cost of Painting

Various factors determine how much it will cost to get your entire building painted. Residential painting costs more than commercial painting and industrial painting. Usually commercial painters on average charge $2-$6 per square foot and about 60$ -100$ per hour. 

Depending upon the type of your building you should contact one of the above types of painting companies to impart color to your building.