KHT – Connect with Aboriginal Victoria

kht – connect with aboriginal victoria

kht – connect with aboriginal victoria

To create a society that embraces diversity and inclusion, it is critical that truth-telling, the history of colonisation and its impact on Aboriginal people is fully known.  

One of Victoria’s leading Indigenous organisation, the Koorie Heritage Trust (KHT) offers a number of programs designed to introduce the history of Victorian Aboriginal people, their culture and identity, and create an awareness of Aboriginal communities today through understanding the past.

One way to understand Aboriginal history here in Victoria is to participate in one of KHTs Aboriginal Walking Tours.  These are now offered online, launching 3 May and in person, recommencing 1 June 2021.  

Online, you can participate anywhere in the world with relatives and friends.  The tour is led by an experienced Aboriginal guide, who will lead you through this informative online zoom experience. 

kht – connect with aboriginal victoria
Visit Victoria Aboriginal Shoot October 2018

The tour is in two parts, first, the guide will introduce themselves and tell a little of their story. They then will show the first video, these are the artefacts on display at KHT with an explanation of each item and how they were used.  There will be a break for discussion with the guide, then the second video takes in the Birrarung Marr (the Yarra River) and significant stops along the way.  This will give participants the opportunity to learn how the land on which Melbourne is located, has changed over time and learn the significance of the Birrarung Wilam to the local Kulin peoples.

Participants will gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of this incredible location, an important gathering place for the Kulin Nation and one of Melbourne’s most popular meeting hubs, and gain an insight into the rich and complex history of the world’s oldest continuous living culture. 

Bookings are essential for both the online and in-person tours, all queries to be emailed to education@koorieheritagetrust.com


Koorie Heritage Trust’s Aboriginal Walking Tours, visit www.koorieheritagetrust.com