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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kerry Spokes – Reverie in Mixed Media




Kerry Spokes

Tuesday 3rd September
100 Barkly St, St Kilda, 5-7pm

Storehouse St Kilda

Join us for drinks to meet the artist at our St Kilda store.

This is an exhibition of mixed media works by Gippsland based artist Kerry Spokes. An influencial voice and tireless campaigner for artists and makers in regional areas. Kerry has led by example, continuously creating engaging, relevant, contemporary and thoughtful works of her own, showcasing her broad and considerable talents. Her focus has recently returned to the exciting works shown in this exhibition.

The innocence of a child is the backdrop for Kerry Spokes to explore the modern world of politics, war, gender identity and other complex themes. Using images of children at play or ‘lost in reverie’ portrays these ideas in an honesty, clarity and innocence as they are not by the media, politicians and the
grown-up world.

Employing printmaking, drawing and watercolour as her medium with this suite of work, the reoccurring images of androgynous children suspended in spontaneous poses, complete immersion of their imaginary worlds are a staple of Spokes’ creative vision throughout her artistic career.

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