kaesler old bastard 2012 shiraz $200.00

OK here we go again $200 Bucks On a bottle of wine. Bugger me I could feed a family for a week on that. Well yes you could, however you would have just missed out on a wine that will remain in my thoughts for years to come.

I shared a bottle Friday night with a friend so it cost $100.00 each to taste the biggest, fullest flavoured most powerful red wine I have drank this year. It is my belief that the vines are 119 years old so when you reach that sort of age you get thick twisted rather ugly old vines that produce dark rich, full flavoured, concentrated, big wines, well you certainly do in The Barossa Valley thats for sure.

The wine is dark almost black I was expecting to see more sediment in the glass as the bottle was heavily stained inside but not so. on the nose there was for me French oak followed by a rush of fruit, all the red berries you could muster. In the mouth there was still oak dominating but far from over powering the fruit that was all powerful best described as ripe and tangy backed up with tannins that were in balance with every thing that going on in the bottle at this time.

I don’t have a family to feed thank God as they would have gone with out food for the next week or two because I believe this wine to be one of the best value Big Australian reds on the shelves today. So if you see it and you are only 40 years old get some as you are more likely to see the wine reach maturity than I.

And like two true wine wankers we enjoyed The Old Bastard with some stunning Italian cured ham some marbled salami and a selection of hard cheeses and crusty Italian bread still warm from the oven. I have said it all before keep it simple.

A stunning wine showed at its best with bread and cheese and some good parma ham.


PS. This is another wine that will most likely out-live me. But I live in hope as they live for decades. Michael Lillis Love my food and wine!!!