A REVIEW of Julie Andrew’s recent exhibition at QDOS Fine Arts Gallery by Meredith Fuller

Julie Andrews is lured by the liminal, a word which has its origin in the Latin limen, referring to a boundary or threshold, an in-between place of transition from one state to another. Julie’s paintings may be of mountains, the sea, the landscape, or waterfalls, clouds and emotion. Visitors to QDOS spent ages entranced by her subtle and potent work. Responses are visceral and I feel haunted by her exquisite ability to evoke memory, wonder, and meditation. Her paintings are sublime, and she enjoys the owners making their own interpretations. I have one of her paintings, The Oddysey, hanging in our
waiting room of our psychology practice. I am fascinated by myriad interpretations and responses. There are many ways to interpret her balls of light on the landscape, and it is eerie how one’s response will be exactly what the soul needs. For me, they are the orbs of my ancestors, ever present. Transformed by the sun and shadows throughout the day, Julie’s work is alive. julie andrews artist who maps the liminal psychgeography of the everyday

Her recent exhibition was a huge success with many sales on the first day. She attracts grants, awards and commissions, and is often featured on the radio and in print.

Julie is well known in the art world as an artist, researcher, and therapist. Her 2014 Artist in Transit was featured on television in the news, and still reverberates. Her research wondered how might paintings and drawings in everyday spaces enhance our noticing of the liminal experience. For 2 hour trips between Bendigo and Melbourne, Julie invited passengers to draw their view from the window; ‘the in-between space we find ourselves in when travelling on the train. Passengers were to literally ;draw; attention to the in-between space, through self-reflexive questioning ‘what do you think, feel or see when in this space or looking through the window?’ Her exhibition at Bendigo Railway Station, Victoria was a profound social/community engagement that has evolved into friendly relationships between commuters, and spawned a number of similar ‘observations’ in her subsequent work both in Victoria and overseas.

…all on-board
the journey’s underway ARTIST IN TRANSIT

I highly recommend that you seek out her work. www.julieandrewsart.com

julie andrews artist who maps the liminal psychgeography of the everyday

julie andrews artist who maps the liminal psychgeography of the everyday
The In-Between

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